Story Nº1: "All of a sudden..."

Esta es una historia en ingles escrita por mi, disfrutenla!

All of a sudden the lights went out, which really gave me the creeps because my parents and my little sister had left and I was all alone at home that night. Suddenly, the silence was broken by aloud knock on the door. I felt really realived because I though It was my cousin, who sometimes dropped in at that time, so I stumbled down the stairs to open the front door. As I was reaching it, a creepy male voice started talking to me from the other side of the door and told me his car had broken down and that he desperately needed to use my phone. But I didn't believe a thing; so I lied to him, said that the phone wasn't working at all, apologized for not being able to help and suggested he went to my neighbour's.
Out of the blue I heard a loud crash in the kitchen. Because of that, I decided to peer into the dark room to see what had happened, but I couldn't make anything out. Then I went to my bedroom, locked the door and tried to get some sleep. When I was about to fall asleep the telephone rang. It was my mother, who told me they wouldn't return until the following day. While I was still talking to herI could hear footsteps on the stairs and then near my door. Consequently, I put the telephone down and hid under my bed. After that I heard nothing for a whiler but then the keys clicked inside the lock and the door creaked open...

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